Supporting ELLs with UDL and EdTech

Did you know ELLs are the fastest growing population in US public schools? In this session, we will explore several different ways technology and UDL, coupled together, can support multilingual students. We will examine how instructional design strategies and edTech combined can support students in mastering a new language (English), as well as celebrate their native language(s). We will explore a variety of practical design strategies to support ELLs, as well as translation tools to support the ELL newcomer. Plus, we will have the opportunity to explore and practice using technology tools that provide learners with flexible options to showcase their learning that help to remove barriers, rather than create barriers. Attendees will leave the session with design tips, as well as a collection of ready to use translation, vocabulary, reading, speaking, and listening tools. Target Audience: Any grade area or subject area staff who work with ELLs