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Supporting ELLs with UDL and EdTech Brenny Kummer Did you know ELLs are the fastest growing population in US public schools? In this session, we will explore several different ways technology and UDL, coupled together, can support multilingual students. We will examine how instructional design strategies and edTech combined can support students in mastering a new language (English), as well as celebrate their native language(s). We will explore a variety of practical design strategies to support ELLs, as well as translation tools to support the ELL newcomer. Plus, we will have the opportunity to explore and practice using technology tools that provide learners with flexible options to showcase their learning that help to remove barriers, rather than create barriers. Attendees will leave the session with design tips, as well as a collection of ready to use translation, vocabulary, reading, speaking, and listening tools. Target Audience: Any grade area or subject area staff who work with ELLs
Grand Slam Lesson and Learning Ideas Brenny Kummer Bring the energy to your learning environment with all-star-worthy activities, projects, and ideas! In this session, we’ll explore ways to score big with familiar and new technology tools to encourage learners to expand their work beyond the classroom, engage in authentic learning activities, and engage in critical thinking. We’ll focus on ways to offer options in terms of action and expression, while also considering how projects can boost engagement as well. Tools featured in the session will include Book Creator, Canva, Spark, Google Slides, and more, and will show examples from several different grade levels and content areas. Attendees will not only see examples from real classrooms, but will have opportunities to consider how to implement the ideas in their own classroom or role.
Accessible Content in Google: Brenny Kummer This session is a hands-on session focused on how to utilize Google tools to boost the accessibility of the classroom, including accessing some of the assistive technology tools in Google Workspace for Education tools. Furthermore, the session will explore add-ons and extensions that will supercharge the accessibility of Google Chrome. Plus, we will practice planning using Google Workspace for Education, learning how to leverage Google cloud-based tools to provide students with options and choice, to create a more accessible, equitable, inclusive educational experience
Stranger Things: Feedback Tools for the Upside Down, Blended, Flipped Classroom Brenny Kummer Paper assignments, digital assignments, late assignments, missing assignments-as learning has gone more digital in the 1:1 world and learners are provided options in how they express their understanding, trying to provide feedback to students may sometimes feel like navigating through the upside down. While this session will not magically grant you the powers to grade/provide feedback on assignments instantaneously, attendees will learn ELEVEN ways they can better provide feedback to their learners and how to provide feedback that serves multiple means of representation. By the end of this session attendees will learn the value of providing timely, personalized feedback, the role of feedback in furthering learning, and several practical, free accessibility-based tools for providing feedback to students. Tools covered in this session will include Mentimeter, PearDeck, Poll Anywhere, Quizlet, Screencastify, and more!


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