Technovation News

Technovation News

Visit this web page to see the full schedule including a full list of the sessions available, lunch times, arrival times and more.

Interested in participating in Technovation?  We are now accepting applications to present for 2018 Technovation, full STEM ahead conference on July 31!.  The focus of Technovation 2018 is quality instruction and innovative practices to enhance student learning using technology. We believe the strength of a conference is built on quality sessions. Our sessions will share the expertise from around St. Joseph County as well as leading educators from around the state. Join us and share what you have learned with your peers!

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The DOE summer of eLearning Program is all about educators sharing what they have learned about using technology effectively in the classroom.  Here is what you will experience during our all day event. Technovation 2018 will be centered around the intentional placement and innovative practices of technology in the classroom.

Indiana Summer of E-Learning

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